Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer of color Week 4 Challenge

Summer of Color Week Four Challenge

Can be found here:

The colors were:

Red  + Red + Metallic ( I used gold)

I thought if I skipped week three I would be on time - no chance of that!!!!

Will try again!

I was starting to alter (the purple outline around the heart) before I realized that I never took the picture for the blog post.  I see a few purply highlights on my girl as well.... yikes....

The intent of this journal page was to follow the color rules but also make a visual connection between happiness and sadness.

It was once said to me that one cannot feel the greatest exhuberance  of joy if they have never experienced the deepest wells of grief.

Twenty years later - I finally get this.


  1. Nice SOC-entry!
    I love the way the thought of "one cannot feel the greatest exhuberance of joy if they have never experienced the deepest wells of grief" is represented in your piece of art (f.e. in the heart)!

  2. Oh Sue! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you used week 4's SOC colors.

  3. Blush!!!! Thank you Valerie and Sharon Fritchman!!!!! You both made my entire week!!!!!!!!!