Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19th - Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yes, it is really "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!

I kept coming across this throughout my blogland travels today.

After the Krispy Kreme free doughnut, I had to share....
Talk like a pirate and get one free Krispy Kreme Doughnut
and if you dress like a pirate, you get a free dozen of doughnuts!!!

Pirate Translator    Type the words you want to say and this site will translate "in Pirate Words". 

Wondering if Family Fun Magazine had this site listed?

I think this would be a great activity with our kids!!! 

Skills that one might learn:

Looking up the words and/or phrases on the Pirate Translator  above
computer keyboarding skills (motor planning)
spelling (cognitive)
fun (teaching spontaneous seeking enjoyment)
social skills interactions (with peers, siblings and adults-parents)
social skills turn taking

Making your own memory board game pieces (one master set)
Ideas for pieces/cards:
  write or trace a pirate word or phrase on some pieces
  draw or finish a picture of a pirate 
  make a mini sticker scene or use one pirate sticker
  place the letter "P" and "p" for Pirate (if you are learning/maintaining letters)
  place a number on a card or an addition/subtraction fact 
  Nouns/reading:  picture/word of pirate lingo
  those are just a few ideas....
fun (teaching spontaneous seeking enjoyment)
social skills interactions
social skills turn taking
cognitive skills using child preferences or thematic approach 

Going to make a copy at an office supplies store
community interaction 
social skills story - hearing noises (babies crying, sound of machine, etc)
receptive language commands and understanding - helping to make a copy of each board game piece  
  "put paper here"  "push green button" etc.
paying (money skills) -teaching basic money exchange or actual coin addition for the total

Don't forget to add the best part:  Make the pieces sensory for added interest and fun!!!!!
some ideas:  
use puffy paint on two matching pieces
color code with bright neon markers on edges of pieces
adding glitter and glue to fill in the letter O's or P's
adding colored sand and glue to make a swirly or outline a letter
add sandpaper pieces (use hole punch) for a fun background
glue velvet or satin material tiny swatches on some matching pieces
bubble wrap or aluminum foil (crunch first - then open and glue)
add drop of lavender, lemon or vanilla  to two matching cards

fun (teaching spontaneous seeking enjoyment)
social skills interactions
social skills turn taking
cognitive skills - memory 
attending skills - increasing attention to task via time or turns
social skills - win/lose 

Having fun is the key - you don't even realize you are learning!

and finally for Talk Like a Pirate Day:  

Shiver Me Timbers!!

Ahoy Mateys!!!

Yo Ho Ho

Blow Me Down!

Thar She Blows!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun with money!

Danny and I

 I had so much fun with this website that I absolutely have to share! 
I made all sorts of personalized money!
There is money from Antarctica to Yugoslavia!  

Mona Lisa $2 Bill

I made directions so you can make your own whether it be to practice money skills, addition, artwork to frame, etc.

Click here on this website:  

The menu shows several options that you can personalize:
festisite    money    cardgame    logos    iphone    poems     text     layout 

click on ‘money’.

Find the type of money you want to use looking at the upper right corner (scrolling from left to right).

Press ‘enter’ on the money you want to personalize.

Your selected money choice should now appear in the main window.

Click the blue ‘photo’ button below the main screen.

Click on ‘choose file’.

Find your personal photo from your computer and press ‘enter’.

Press ‘upload’.

Once the photo uploads in the main screen, you can use the ‘up/down’, ‘left/right’, ‘zoom’, ‘enlarge/shrink’, ‘+/-’ to place your photo.

Once satisfied with your placement, you can ‘download’ the file or choose to ‘share’ on facebook or twitter.

I made artwork to frame,

One in a Million

coupons for our jewelry, 

Dannylions Pieces For Autism

 and had a blast!

'Danny' S. Grant

Hope you make your own and have fun while doing so! A great family activity!