Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Cards and a small Favor

Do you send Christmas cards?

I follow Aunt Peaches blog.
Her post:  http://www.auntpeaches.com/2012/12/go-tell-it-on-mountain.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+auntpeaches%2FHxHT+%28Aunt+Peaches%29 was so interesting.

She writes about the lost art of hand written Christmas Cards and she also asks a favor. through this blog:

If you do send cards, what is your Christmas card handmade-ology "level":

MAKE MARTHA PROUD:  Do you hand make the card, envelope and hand write a personal message on each one?  Obvious that you hand sign your name(s) and to/return addresses... this is the handmade-ology that would make Martha proud!  Everything is hand-made (whether you be a seasoned crafter or have your child make each one with their own "preschool flavor".  This might include a personal few paragraphs written directly to that person - each message being somewhat unique.  If you haven't been published on Martha's website, send one of your ideas, I can assure you her staff will post it!  I so want to be this person!

DR PHIL FAMILY TIME:   Do you send one of those picture cards (your family, kids, pets,  or all of the above)?  This would include hand writing your name(s) and addresses.  Also included in this might be a family letter that you wrote about the wonderful things that your family members have accomplished in the past year.... this letter is then copied and put in the cards that you send.  I believe this is the very type of person that Family Fun Magazine would publish a special article on!  This person may watch Dr. Phil and be able to give the same advice that he does without fail each and every show!  I envy this person!

THRIFTY NIFTY: Are you somewhere on the scale of sending out a card where you purchased several boxes from the after Christmas sale last year?  These were most likely 50-90% off! You hand write your signatures and addresses and get them in the mail as fast as you can... time is of the essence!  You do it all - and then cook for the holidays too! You probably have a Christmas list a mile long - and never ever try to forget anyone!  It is the thought that counts!  The gifts you buy are smart!  Nothing wasteful only useful!  You get a bang for your buck!

GET 'ER DONE:  Boxed cards from whenever - free return address labels - quick written signature or stamp - Christmas cards check!  Decorate tree done!  Enjoy Christmas - done!  Put decorations away on New Years day - done until this year!  Not sure but thinking this person is so busy they don't take time to smell the roses or to fully enjoy the season or (take deep breath not sure I should write this) to even enjoy their own family.  The love is there - but things are so busy the roller coaster won't stop.  This isn't me - I would rather not do those "traditions".

THE INDEPENDENT (NOT DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLICAN OR EVEN TEA PARTY):  Then there are those folks who are humanitarians.  Send out Christmas cards to people you may not know, volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas day or help out Meals on Wheels or some other charitable cause.  You don't follow any traditional rules but you make your own.  What may be one way last year will be completely different this year.  You are you.  Family or friends may not understand but it is okay.

Can you tell who I am? If not here is another hint.  I am asking if you have or can make a card and send it to someone, please will you.  The information is here: http://mrsgreene.info/2012/11/asking-a-holiday-favor-cards-for-grandmas-last-christmas/#comment-5262 
This is also the favor that "Aunt Peaches" asks in her blog post.  I am asking the same favor.

Now can you guess who I am?  I wish to be the MAKE MARTHA PROUD kind of person, but I am not.  Deep inside she is wanting to come out, but life coupled with who I am makes me the INDEPENDENT.


Due to time constraints and length of the post, I had to stop writing.

Today, I plan on starting our one card that will be sent out this year!  It will be a doozie - there will be a message from my son, one from myself and a handmade picture that my son will make, and perhaps a piece of jewelry that we will make together.  It is things like this that make me happy during the holiday season.

Even though I haven't sent cards since the Christmas of 12/95, there are people that still send us cards every year.  I open each one with delight and we all read them that evening together.  Then I decorate a special place in the house with our cards (each year something different).  I keep saying to myself that things will get easier and I will send home made cards out next year.  Looks like this year isn't the year yet.  Maybe next year.

Could you please send a card to her grandma? Please?

Thank you for reading!


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