Thursday, August 9, 2012

Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever seen these bumper stickers or magnets?

The puzzle piece, the colors of red, yellow, blue and light blue represent "autism".  Here is the 'official' version...

Needless to say, we have a variety of puzzle pieces (both in our Etsy shop and on our face book page)...

Puzzle pieces that are multi-colored for Earrings

Puzzle pieces that are peacock colored for Earrings

"Make a Wish Winged Puzzle Pieces" for Earrings

*Real dandelion seeds 

"Make a Wish Puzzle Piece Pendant"
*Real dandelion seed 

"My Heart Puzzle Piece Pendant"

In my own words:
Not much is known about the cause of autism.  There are many different theories, but none are scientifically proven.  Autism is so different from one child to the next.  There are several commonalities, but not many.  The only difference today from when my son was diagnosed 16 years ago is that the road is now paved (in lieu of a dirt path) for all the newbies...  Services are a little easier to get.  Different types of therapies are now available for the particular need of the child (sensory integration, verbal behavior, play therapy, speech, physical and occupational therapies, etc.)  So many Internet reads are not available when there were only several books available years ago.  The systems are even easier to work through.  Parents can not be the biggest supporters of parents due to Internet chat groups, and social media.
However, whether paved or not, it is a road that is extremely difficult to travel.  Some days, there are no words to describe the mystery and complexity that the word "autism" brings.  There are days when I still need to go from minute to minute.
What was 1 in 10,000 only 16 short years ago is now 1 in every 91 today.  Boys are 4x more likely to be diagnosed than girls.  The statistics are extremely scary.  Yet, the puzzle of autism is different for each child - one day at a time - one piece at a time.  What works for one child may not help one bit in another. The mystery is sometimes too much to handle.

As long as I am alive, I will keep trying to fit Danny's pieces together - the cause of a behavior, the headaches and tummy aches, the weak immune system, the regressions, no understanding of spoken words and being non-verbal, lack of social reciprocity and spontaneous seeking enjoyment, the whys of all his fears, eating and sleeping issues, the extreme anxiety, and the energy of a energizer bunny on caffeine... No matter what day it is, what time it is, if he is uncomfortable in his skin, it is my job to try and help him solve his "puzzle" at that particular moment in time.  It is 24/7.  There is no time off - ever.  On most days - I feel as though I just band-aid a situation to help him through it.  Why? I cannot find the root of the issue.  If I could, it wouldn't keep resurfacing.  With every breath in my body, I will never stop trying...  
Photo obtained from "Social Hub09" on facebook

 I guess you could say I have a "thing" for puzzle pieces.

In honor of my son.  I love you Danny, to the moon and back again, to infinity and beyond,  yesterday today and tomorrow - forever and ever and ever.


  1. Very moving post. I found your blog looking for a certain picture, which you have here. I would like to use it for the cover of a book. Could you tell me where you obtained the red heart on a black background?

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I most likely had this picture saved on my computer for awhile. I have looked it up on google images and also on graphic stock and am unable to find it. I'm sorry I am not able to find from where I obtained the original.