Monday, June 18, 2012

Miracle water

I was unable to sleep last night and around 2am - ish, a show came on the TV that should change my life!

If I called the toll free number below and ordered Free Miracle Water, it seemed as though all of my problems would vanish and poof - my life would be perfect!

There were testimonies from people that this Miracle water cured someone's cancer, it cured bad hips, someone who couldn't walk by using their legs not only to walk - but to run!  Not only did this Miracle Water cure health issues, but checks would be donated by perfect strangers to people for various reasons!  Someone received a check in the mail for $ 736,000.00!  Someone was even cured with their lump of cancer during a show!

I need to share this information - for the world to heal of all its sickness, war, disease, famine, and financial woes!  If you know President Obama - please pass this toll free number onto him - our economic crisis will be over!

If you get any miracles, let me know, I won't be holding my breath!  

Things that make me wonder .... why?

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