Monday, June 18, 2012

Miracle water

I was unable to sleep last night and around 2am - ish, a show came on the TV that should change my life!

If I called the toll free number below and ordered Free Miracle Water, it seemed as though all of my problems would vanish and poof - my life would be perfect!

There were testimonies from people that this Miracle water cured someone's cancer, it cured bad hips, someone who couldn't walk by using their legs not only to walk - but to run!  Not only did this Miracle Water cure health issues, but checks would be donated by perfect strangers to people for various reasons!  Someone received a check in the mail for $ 736,000.00!  Someone was even cured with their lump of cancer during a show!

I need to share this information - for the world to heal of all its sickness, war, disease, famine, and financial woes!  If you know President Obama - please pass this toll free number onto him - our economic crisis will be over!

If you get any miracles, let me know, I won't be holding my breath!  

Things that make me wonder .... why?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

She knows who she is...

What inspires you?
Inspires you to do something or think about doing something...

Has anyone ever inspired you? A particular person.. an acquaintance, a family member, someone who has passed into eternity?

What things inspire you?  
  Photography... a picture, a group of pictures?  
  Jewelry - which types?  Beads? 
  Books - 50 Shades of Grey?  Heard that is a hot seller or perhaps scifi... maybe daily inspirational readings?  
  Shopping... shoes, clothes, or window?  

What types of activities inspire you?  
  Sipping coffee and people watching at the local coffee shop or mall?  
  Exercising (btw I would rather have a heart to heart chat with my dmil than excercise)... 
  Going to the library pr for a walk in the park?  
  Taking a drive to nowhere in particular (yes, even with the price of gas)...

What inspired you in the past?  
If you started a new small business, what or who inspired you to do this? 
What inspires you in the present?
Does anyone inspire you to get moving every day?
Does anything inspire you to keep your faith?

Recently, I have been inspired by a very "wonderful" person.  I contacted this person for some help with our etsy shop.  It seems like I've known this person all my life.  It seems as though I was meant to know her.  For some reason, she inspires me.  She inspires me to check my computer (for messages from her).  She inspires me to keep moving, to keep going.  She knows all the yuck about me (nothing to hide), and still cares. My physical pain never goes away.  There are days that turn to weeks where I can't seem to move, but she still doesn't go away.  

I've been told by my own sibling that I don't have any friends - I can't keep them.  For reasons of my own, that are too hard to discuss let alone write, it isn't important in my life.  I can't be a good friend.  I can't give in return.  Life is too challenging.  Yet this person still writes me and I can write in return and that is good enough for her!

 I don't know how, or what, where, or why, but she inspires me. When I thought there was no energy left, I want to do more things for my sons shop - I try harder - I don't give up, not just yet.  Time to list the dishes - time to let our previous failed venture go and sell all the antique china that I store in my bedroom.   

It was a business for Danny - something for his future to be able to serve parties, weddings, anything that required place settings and making fancy tea sandwiches. While we worked to teach him in the kitchen the process of making 12 different types of the fanciest tea sandwiches, I collected old china in many different patterns.  I had a surprise dinner when my mom turned 70 and set the table with all different types of vintage china (that I had seen in a Victoria Magazine long ago).  She loves the Victorian era, so I collected one piece at a time and eventually collected a table to set for 12 place settings.  It was beautiful!  The white linen tablecloth set each piece and it was one of the most beautiful tables I have seen in my entire life!

With that thought in mind, I continued in this same thought process -  to set the tables on a grander scale in all differing antique china.  Danny enjoyed setting the table - even if it was for 100 people!  "Danwiches" was born and a venture began - all in the form of the antique and vintage china-dinner plates, salad plates, butter dishes, soup bowls, dessert plates and tea cups and saucers.  I collected delicate vintage patterns all over the tri-state area.  Once I obtained the proper china, I finished purchasing 100 of the finest linen napkins, chair coverings, table coverings all in the shade of white.  We served many meetings, a few luncheons and one beautiful wedding.  I had already agreed to the wedding prior to knowing about a minor detail that would happen 2 weeks before the wedding (bi-lateral mastectomy).  Once I had the surgery, the wedding was very painful to set up with Danny, but one that had to be done.  It was our final activity with "Danwiches".  I realized I had  to have yet another surgery (hysterectomy), I couldn't continue to carry the bins of expensive dishes all over.  

It was quite some time before Danny's love of stringing beads became known.  Our etsy shop now serves bits and pieces of Danwiches.

With inspiration in your life, you can start to do things that you never thought were possible.  

Not only am I able to try to list antique china, I am able to deal with the emotions that are many.

The hours spent on creating the visuals for each tea sandwich.  Visuals are something that my son learns by.  There is a software that places a picture (small icon) above each word when typed.  The icons are many for each word.  Teaching each icon is the start of the process of understanding.  Creating the visuals is knowing each icon he understands with each word.  Also knowing when there are new icons (so that they may be taught in isolation prior to combination with instructions).  The visuals need to be broken down into steps that are understandable for each individual.  My son needs to have each step broken down into the smallest possible step.  He needs to know what to start with and where to get it from.  

e.g.  mini social story with why he is doing something:
Danny is going to make sandwiches.  
Danny will deliver the sandwiches "tomorrow on Friday, June .... " to "  this street "  in the morning at "10:00".
The people will have a meeting and eat the sandwiches that Danny makes.
Danny will have fun!

Getting ready to make sandwiches:
1.  Get the bread from the refrigerator. *Don't forget to close the refrigerator door.
2.  Get a butter knife from the silverware drawer.  (a visual label is on our silverware drawer that matches this icon)
3. Get two gloves from the glove box on the kitchen counter.  Count "one, two".....until all is obtained
Great job!  Now it is time to make the sandwiches!

Making the sandwiches:
Clean up: 

The visuals take hours on end to make.  Prior to printing and laminating, they must be tested by someone to see if there are any holes in the directions.  I can promise you, no matter how many times I have made visuals for him, there are always holes!!!!! I may forget where he needs to get a main ingredient from or the quantity of a ingredient.  No matter what, visuals must be upgraded and kept up to date if something is permanently moved.

Visuals are key to my son's independence and dignity as a person.

I regress, after the dishes are cleaned, photographed, listed and now put on a shelf where they are not to be touched, I think about the many hours of creating the visuals, the months in the kitchen mastering one phase of sandwich making, each step along the way.  The years spent on learning - it is all ok.  It wasn't meant to be.  I hold back my tears - I am getting good at this these days!  Better things down the road!

She knows who she is.  I am thankful to have found her in my life.