Friday, May 4, 2012

The Perfect Customer

If you were asked "Who would be your ideal customer?"
Whether you have a hand made shop on Etsy, sell on ebay, sell at garage sales, craft fairs, or even Chair a corporation...the question still remains, Who would be your ideal customer?

I think about the customer - who is it?
Who would we like it to be?
My first answer - anyone and everyone.
Anyone at all.  I couldn't seem to narrow it down any further.
I thought and thought about it....

After much contemplation, I restate our vision of the ideal customer.
Although we do not discriminate at Dannylions, a customer is a customer - anyone at all.
A customer is someone who we need to treat just as how we would want to be treated ourselves.

When making our handmade items, our ideal customer is that person for whom we create.
It isn't just anyone who clicks "add to cart".
I believe it is a certain type of person.
One that ultimately becomes a friend.
A person who likes history behind their purchases.
One that knows their money has been put to good use - not going to a multi-million dollar company for whatever reason.
One that knows their money is serving a great cause, that of autism awareness.
One that appreciates the finer things in life, although not materialistic.
One that likes finding unique things, one of a kinds that will not be found in a store.
One that has had challenges in their life, or in their family or one that has overcome traumatic events.
A person who appreciates the smallest of things because they are the biggest in magnitude.
When worn, it may help them feel better, or bring a smile to their face.
One that understands.
This - I believe is our vision to our ideal customer!

I will do anything for anyone, however, our items need to have an element of magic added by Danny's own hands.  As long as a small part of each item includes Danny, it is considered "customer ready".

Ultimately, our customer is a 2-way street!!!!

What is your thought? How would you describe your ultimate customer?

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