Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If you had to choose.....

Let's just suppose that a new law were passed that every person could only choose and wear one type of jewelry... e.g. necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, misc?

If you had to choose... if you were forced to, what would it be?

Necklaces?  Beaded into single, double, triple stranded pieces. macrame with hand made beads, crocheted with beads, hand embroidered collars with detailed fringe,  one type of jewelry that you were, a simple chain with an elaborate wired cabochon, a hand made chain utilizing chain maille, etc.

Bracelets?  Mixing all types of beads to look as though they were meant to be together on your wrist, bangle made from polymer clay, crystals woven together, diamond tennis bracelet, embroidered cuffs, etc.

Earrings?  Simple dangle, hand wired cabochons, shoulder sweep earrings that are dripping with AAA labradorite, unique semi-precious gems all wire wrapped into earrings, etc.

Rings?  Diamond solitaire, Band with elaborate semi-precious gems, hand wire woven beauties, unique bezel set stones, etc.

Misc?  something not described above

I wonder if this survey were taken over random people throughout a geographical area what the outcome would be.

For myself, I would first narrow it down to earrings and rings, but I had to choose - I think my choice would be rings?

If you had to choose....... what would it be?

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